Dessert? Breakfast? Both! La Lechera Strawberry Parfaits

Written by Natalie – 

La Lechera Strawberry Parfaits Recipe

Summer is here and I try to keep things simple and easy. I developed this recipe with the idea that most people probably already have all of the ingredients at home. So, no running to the store! And then there is the added simplicity of no cooking! I love when things work out like that.

This parfait can do double duty as a sweet breakfast treat or a pretty dessert. It has tanginess from the Greek yogurt, sweetness from the La Lechera and strawberry jam and crunchiness from the corn flakes. A great blend of flavor and textures. And did I mention this is done in 10 minutes?

To recap: readily available ingredients, no cooking required, very fast preparation and delicious to boot. Winner! I recommend you serve this immediately after making it so the corn flakes don’t get mushy. But that won’t be hard. It’s super good.

La Lechera Strawberry Parfaits Recipe

La Lechera Strawberry Parfaits

Ingredients for 4 servings:


COMBINE 1 cup yogurt and jam in a small bowl; mix until well blended. Combine sweetened condensed milk, remaining ½ cup yogurt and lemon peel in separate small bowl.

DIVIDE yogurt-jam mixture evenly into 4 champagne flutes (or narrow glasses). Top each with ¼ cup crushed corn flakes. Top each with ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk mixture.

TOP each parfait with remaining crushed corn flakes and a sliced strawberry. Serve immediately.

Here’s a fun serving suggestion: Sprinkle each parfait with about 1 teaspoon NESTLÉ ABUELITA Granulated Chocolate Drink Mix or grated NESTLÉ ABUELITA Chocolate tablet.

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