Frozen Fruit Pop-a-looza: Lime Pops, Fruit Pops & Mocha Pops

Written by Liz –

Java Mocha Frozen Cream Bars recipe

I love national food holidays. What better excuse to have a dinner party and celebration something you haven’t eaten in a long time? August has an abundance of frozen treat holidays: Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Ice Cream Soda Day, Root Beer Float Day, Frozen Custard Day, Ice Cream Pie Day and on and on.

Root Beer Float Day was actually yesterday, which really sounded good, and then I read about some interesting not-root-beer frozen treats. I love frozen anything pops, so I decided to give you some frozen fruit pops — an August Frozen Treat-a-Palooza!

1. Java Mocha Frozen Cream Bars, shown above

Perfect for summer treats! These Java Mocha Frozen Cream Bars take just 20 minutes prep time, then are frozen overnight.

Frozen Lime Pops recipe

2. Frozen Lime Pops

Kids and adults alike will give this tangy, creamy treat an A+. These treats are a healthier choice for an after school snack, weekend sweet, or dessert. And, they are so easy to make, kids will have fun helping prepare them.

Juicy Juice Pops recipe

3. Juicy Juice Pops

Juicy Juice Pops feature luscious fruits and NESTLÉ JUICY JUICE All Natural 100% Juice. These refreshing frozen pops make a cool after-school treat and are great for poolside parties, too.


More frozen treat recipes:

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Patriotic Fruit Pops
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Watermelon Ice Cream Bombe


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