Voodough Dolls: Halloween Revenge in a Cookie

Written by Liz –

Voodough Dolls Halloween Cookie recipe

When I saw these adorable Voodough Doll cookies, I knew I had to make them for Halloween! This recipe was submitted by first prize winner in last year’s Spooktacular Baking Contest, Jennifer H. from Sarasota, FL.

These dolls are a fun project for kids, easy to make and packed with flavor. With chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows and vanilla icing, they pack a triple punch of sweetness that should satisfy any sweet tooth this horror season.

But I must admit, they also satisfy something darker with their voodoo shape and pins; I was immediately reminded of the ghosts of several boyfriends past. So, one toothpick is for the Butcher, one for the Baker and don’t forget one for the Candlestick Maker (yes, there is an actual candle maker in my past). And now that I think about it, these guys might even taste better roasted, a kind of  dismembered Halloween s’more, or even set afire if that’s the way you like them!

And don’t worry…I’m sure they won’t feel a thing.

Voodough Doll cookies

Ingredients for 4 dolls (or boyfriends past):


PREPARE cookies as directed on package. Cool completely.

CUT marshmallow in half lengthwise. Frost cut side of marshmallows and place each on a cookie. Trim off excess cookie around marshmallows so that the marshmallow and cookie are the same shape. The cookie crumbs can be saved and used for an ice cream topping or in a shake.

LIGHTLY FROST marshmallows. For each doll, position 6 body parts on each plate for the head, body, arms and legs. To keep from sliding, a small amount of frosting can be used as glue on the bottom of each cookie.

CUT licorice into small pieces for stitching and for the mouths. Place morsels for eyes and buttons.

FOR PINS, pinch off a small piece of Laffy Taffy and roll into small balls. Insert pretzel sticks. If using toothpicks, discard pins before eating.

• If string licorice is not available, tubes of decorator gel or icing can be used for stitching.


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    These are SO fun!!

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    Sweet! Scary cookies. 🙂

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    Definitely, what a splendid site and instructive posts, I will bookmark your website.Have an awsome day!

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