Happy Apple Week: Cinnamon Apple Rolls

Cinnamon Apple Rolls recipe

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

This is Apple Week and apples are loaded with nutrients. With that in mind, let’s consider some of the apple’s components and their effect on our health:

  • Apples are high in Pectin which is a soluble fiber that lowers blood pressure and blood glucose. It also helps lower “bad” cholesterol and helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Apples are a great source of Vitamin C which boosts your immunity.
  • Apples are an excellent source of a variety of phyto-nutrients which include vitamins A and E and beta carotene. These nutrients fight damage from free radicals and can have a positive effect on health, including reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

When I develop desserts, I try my best to include some “power” food that can benefit our health. Apples are available year round and come in different varieties. They can be used salads, pies, cookies and they can be mashed and used in baking recipes for nutrition, flavor and act as a replacement of fat in some recipes. Try using apples with the peel since it is where a lot of the nutrients and fiber reside.

The inspiration for the Cinnamon Apple Rolls came from Enchiladas! I thought why not create a dessert version of a typical enchilada and apples with cinnamon and sweetened condensed milk is a wonderful filling for this twist on a traditional Mexican Dish.

You can also use our La Lechera 50% Less Sugar version, which has less sugar, calories and fat to create a recipe that is even more sensible and nutritious. The recipe calls for peeled apples, but I tried it with the peel and I prefer the texture and the added benefit of the fiber and nutrients it provides.


Cinnamon Apple Rolls

Ingredients for 8 servings:

  • 1 can (7.6 fluid ounces) NESTLÉ Media Crema Ligera Lite Table Cream
  • 3/4 cup NESTLÉ LA LECHERA Sweetened Condensed Milk, divided
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon, divided
  • 4 cups thinly sliced, peeled green apples
  • 8 medium flour tortillas
  • Ground cinnamon for garnish


PREHEAT oven to 350° F. Lightly grease medium baking dish.

COMBINE media crema, ¼ cup sweetened condensed milk and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon in medium bowl; set aside.

COMBINE apples, remaining ½ cup sweetened condensed milk and remaining 1 teaspoon cinnamon in medium bowl.

SPOON 1/2 cup apple mixture in each tortilla; roll. Place tortillas seam-down in prepared baking dish. Pour half media crema mixture over tortillas; reserve remaining sauce for topping.

BAKE tortillas for 20 minutes or until bubbling. Serve warm topped with remaining media crema sauce. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon


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