National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day: A Treat for Adults Too

Cranberry Raisinets Biscotti recipe

It’s National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day! We can all remember eating chocolate-covered raisines as children, and today we can enjoy them as adults. One way is in biscotti.

Growing up in a non-fancy part of the area north of Texas, I never tried biscotti until I moved away to the big city as a young adult. A cross between flattened, sweetened bread and a slightly stale cookie? It sure didn’t sound appetizing, plus I didn’t drink coffee yet.

But my first real job in the city changed all that. As I joined the bleary-eyed working world each morning, I began to learn to love coffee…mochas at first, then with whole milk and lots of sugar and now frothed milk and no sugar. One thing that goes well with any rendition of coffee is biscotti: then as well as now.

And this biscotti recipe has chocolate covered cranberries in it (remember when she was the new Raisinet in town?), which brightens it up and also boosts nutrients. I love to make this reasy recipe with whole-wheat flour – see the Cook’s Tip at the bottom of the recipe – the heartiness and chewiness of whole wheat makes my coffee breaks even more enjoyable.

Crunchy Dark Cherry Raisinets Granola recipe

Another way I love to use chocolate covered raisins (or cranberries, or cherries) is in homemade granola. When I was little, my parents were as home-made as they could be: bread, peanut butter, sour cream, marinara sauce (simply called spaghetti sauce back then), jam and everything in between. These were the days before food processors and recipes on the internet, so some concotions were better than others to a child who just wanted creamy peanut butter from the store.

One homemade dish I loved was granola. My parents’ granola was better than any sugar cereal: crunchy, nutty, savory and sweet, made with whole grains and sunshine. The only thing that could have made it better to me then (and now!) would have been chocolate-covered dried fruit. This recipe reminds me of home.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Raisinets Pull Apart Bread recipe

Now here’s a dish my parents and I can completely agree on! I remember having monkey bread (or pull-apart bread) cooked in various ways for various meals by various members of our extended family. It seems the best way to use dinner roll dough was in some form of circle with a sugar glaze dripping over it. Adding chocolate-covered cherries to the recipe just brings it up to another level of taste sensation.

I made this for my dad last year on Father’s Day, via a home cook who lives near my dad and agreed to make it for him that day and say it was from me. Thank goodness for recipes on the internet!


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