Candy & Cookie Ghosts to your Halloween Rescue

Boo-ti-ful Ghosts Halloween Recipe

One day left to Halloween (I probably don’t need to remind you of that)! Since I last wrote about the Spooky Graveyard Pie, I do have my Halloween outfit together for the party. I wish I could tell you but I need to keep it a surprise! A good dilemma has arisen though – brought to my attention by my teenage daughter – another invitation to a party the same night! How could I have forgotten about that? Not to worry; it will all work out with the help of more Nestlé Halloween treats. The pie will go to one party and we’ll pull together something quick to bring along to the second party. These very easy recipes came to mind immediately, centering on spooky ghosts.

How cute are these Boo-ti-ful Ghosts above? Melting white morsels in the microwave takes no time at all. Semi-sweet or milk chocolate morsels can be used for the eyes. Any flavor Wonka Nerds or various sprinkles or sugars that you have on hand can be used to decorate if you want colorful, fashionable ghosts. Don’t worry if you don’t have lollipop sticks; they’re just as cute without them. Since I won’t have time to wrap these in cellophane, I’ll use plastic wrap and tie the top with some ribbon, then place them in a basket to bring along.

Haunted Cookie Cups Halloween Recipe

These Haunted Cookie Cups bring a smile to my face each time I see them! So simple. These would be a fun activity for younger children at one of the parties we are going to. We’ll bake the cookie cups ahead, then store in a covered container. We’ll also bring along the whipped topping, food storage bag and small containers of the morsels. Depending on the age of children at the party, my daughter or I can assist with the piping of the whipped topping and the children can place the eyes and mouth. Small scoops of vanilla ice cream can be used for the ghosts too (a suggestion from one of our bakers). I wonder if there will be any three-eyed ghosts leaving the table!

For more Halloween inspiration, check out the winners of our Toll House Spectacular Halloween Baking Contest. You’ll see a few baked goods like you’ve never seen before – I’ve never seen such scary dentures.

Now, the question is, what should we prepare? So many choices….so little time! Get help from Nestlé Toll House and some very cute ghosts.


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  1. Posted November 1, 2010 at 9:41 am | Permalink | Reply

    The ghosty cupcakes are brilliant! So simple, fun, and doable for kids — I’ll remember this one.

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