New After School Snack: Crunchy Monkey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crunchy Monkey Toll House Cookies Recipe

School has been in session for my daughter for a few weeks now. Things are starting to settle down in our new routines: all of us getting ready for work and school at the same time, going through the check-list of items needed daily – including our dog – making sure we remember various after school activity pick-ups, etc. I know I’m not alone here! Like you, I also think about what kind of new snack I can have on hand for my daughter (and her friends) when she gets home before I do.

This summer in the kitchen we worked on some adaptions to the classic Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to help you have a new after school snack on hand. We know our bakers love the classic cookie recipe but many are looking for a “twist,” something they could add to call it their own, like raisins, dried fruit, other combinations of morsels, etc. This got us to thinking…were there any other mix-ins or flavor combinations of morsels or semi-sweet chocolate chunks that we could suggest to our bakers?

The answer was yes, and we came up with many tasty creations. This recipe is one of them: Crunchy Monkey Nestlé Toll House Cookies. It includes dried banana chips, semi-sweet chocolate chunks and peanuts. Banana chips can be hard to chop by knife, so chopping in a food processor comes in handy here. The chips and chocolate are tempting to eat before they make it into the dough…make sure to leave some for the recipe!

Some other combinations we liked are potato chips & pretzels, caramel popcorn, butterscotch morsels & peanuts and broken sugar ice cream cones, maraschino cherries & premier white morsels.

Now, I just need to figure out a better way to hide these cookies once they are made. They disappear so fast, usually there aren’t many left for me…but the smiles that these cookies bring make it all worthwhile! I hope the same for your busy house.


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