Margarita Pie Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Recently, I heard that margaritas are the most popular cocktail in the U.S. With Cinco de Mayo coming up, that called for a new pie recipe. Our kitchen team really enjoyed testing and tasting this refreshing Margarita Pie using evaporated milk.  Funny how the test kitchen, like a kitchen at home, is a popular place!

Lime and orange is one of my favorite flavor combinations and this recipe has the perfect blend of the two. We find rolling the limes, orange and lemons on the counter prior to juicing does help extract more juice. The crunchy pretzel crumb crust adds some salt and really complements the sweet, tart filling.

In the test kitchen, we often use a resealable, heavy-duty plastic bag as a pastry bag – especially when we can’t find our pastry bags or tips!  Cut the corner of the bag to width desired and pipe away. Also, a zesting microplane and reamer make the process of getting the lime and orange zest (zesting) and juice a little easier.  Both these tools are must-have in our test kitchen and of course in my kitchen at home. Get more zesting tips here.

For a more family-friendly recipe, the tequila is optional. Also, you can use orange juice instead of orange-flavored liqueur.

I look forward to making this pie for our own Cinco de Mayo celebration at home with my husband and daughter…I have the grocery list started already!

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    Awesome article.

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