Pumpkin Carrot Cupcakes with Orange-Cream Cheese Frosting

Pumpkin Carrot Cupcakes with Orange-Cream Cheese Frosting

Perfect for spring celebrations, these delightful cupcakes feature a delicious orange-cream cheese frosting and a nutritious secret you can feel better about – pumpkin! That’s right; pumpkin adds a powerful nutrition boost to your everyday meals and festive desserts.

Pumpkin isn’t just for pies, it’s great year round! Here’s a little background of how this recipe came to be. My mother had a family gathering and served a delicious, but heavy pumpkin-carrot cake (from a local bakery). Everyone went nuts over it!  The guests all turned to me and said “What’s in here?” Of course, they wanted me to recreate it. The problem: I wasn’t so wild about it. The flavor was good, but it was too heavy for me. At the same time, my kids were going crazy over this Pumpkin Spiced Bread (without the nuts). So my idea was to marry the two recipe concepts together. I set out to create a cupcake that was easy, had the flavors and characteristics of a pumpkin-carrot cake (but not the density), and was for the most part, nutritious.

This recipe went through many changes, but I ultimately landed on something truly special. My daughter even asked me to bring them to her classroom to share. So this was the final stamp of approval, and yes, the class really enjoyed them!

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