Huggable Heart Cookie Cups Valentine Recipe

Huggable Heart Cookie Cups recipe

Since my husband prefers to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 15, I treat Valentine’s Day as a family day. My kids are my “sweethearts” on this day. We always bake treats and bring them to their classrooms for everyone to enjoy.

This recipe is as easy as it gets, so it’s perfect to have kids help. My daughter Lauren actually inspired this recipe. I was creating recipes at home and she wanted to help (that is the reason for using two kinds of hearts and two hearts in each cup). She really likes the gummy hearts!

I think there is an inner foodie in all of us! If you involve your kids in the planning and cooking of meals, they are much more likely consume the results. Pick a day when you have energy and patience, and make something that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients or steps (like this recipe).

Start small. Have them break off the dough and press it into the muffin cups, unwrap the chocolate hearts and measure out the white morsels. Once the cookie cups have cooled, have them place the hearts in the cups and watch the video below to drizzle chocolate on top.

Kids are more likely to try new foods/recipes if you get them involved in the preparation! There are always teachable moments in the kitchen. I have my kids read simple recipe as well as answer simple questions like how many cups in a pint, quart and gallon.


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