Love-struck Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

Love-struck Chocolate Bundt Cake

This is a great Valentine’s treat for your sweet – although my husband and I don’t actually celebrate anything on Feb 14. Going against the grain is his specialty, so he proposed on Feb 15 and this is now our “Valentine’s Day.”

Get this “lighter” chocolate cake recipe here, and read the feature in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Presentation: When it comes to food, presentation is essential (we do eat with our eyes, after all). And using a Bundt cake pan makes it so easy! I find myself making more Bundt cakes than regular layer cakes simply because of the convenience and the presentation of the finished dessert.

Nutrition: With dessert, moderation is the key. I rarely skip dessert! However, I usually try to create recipes that are lighter in calories and fat, but still taste as indulgent as the original. This recipe is no exception. It uses baking cocoa – very low in fat – and also only ½ cup of butter, which is just enough. Most cake recipes use double this amount! I also added instant coffee. This “secret” ingredient really boosts the chocolate flavor. This cake is great just sprinkled with powdered sugar. But, since a glazed cake is so pretty, I decided to add a glaze to the recipe.

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